Why Small Cell Lung Cancers Grow Faster Than Non-Small Cell Cancers, But Are Less Common

[ad_1] Lung cancer: Welcome back to “The Science Of Health”, ABP Live’s weekly health column. Last week, we discussed the scientific reasons behind hormonal changes exacerbating asthma symptoms in women, and ways to prevent the worsening of conditions. This week, explain the difference between small cell lung cancers and non-small cell lung cancers, understand why … Read more

World Organ Donation Day: Can Living Donors Donate Parts Of Heart, Lung, Liver, Or Pancreas?

[ad_1] Organ donation is a social welfare act through which living or deceased donors can donate their organs to people who are in need of those organs due to illness. Only healthy organs and tissues from the donor are transplanted into the receiver. Organs that can be donated by deceased people include internal organs such … Read more

Rising Air Pollution May Be Linked To Higher Antibiotic Resistance Risk: Study In Lancet

[ad_1] Increasing air pollution could be linked to a higher risk of antibiotic resistance worldwide, and hence, reducing air pollution levels can help decrease antibiotic resistance. The relationship between increased air pollution and higher antibiotic resistance risk has strengthened over time, especially in more recent years, according to a study published August 8, 2023, in … Read more

The Science Of Health: How Hormonal Changes Affect Asthmatic Women, Ways To Avoid Exacerbation

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World Breastfeeding Week: The Link Between Breastfeeding And Breast Cancer, And Health Benefits

[ad_1] By Dr Tejal Deshmukh Breastfeeding is a natural and cherished bond between a mother and her newborn, and has long been recognised for its nutritional and emotional benefits for infants. However, recent research has unveiled a hidden gem within this maternal act – a potential shield against one of the most prevalent and feared … Read more

World Breastfeeding Week 2023: Debunking 10 Common Breastfeeding Myths And Misconceptions

[ad_1] Dr Radhamany K Breastfeeding, a completely natural process, has been a subject of continuous discussion and debate for decades. It is widely recognised that mother’s milk is the most crucial nutrient for an infant, and the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges breast milk as the baby’s first vaccine due to its essential antibodies and … Read more

Bone And Joint Day: Herniated Disc, Sciatica — Factors Causing Pain In Lumbar Spine Vertebrae

[ad_1] Bone and joint day: Bone and joint disorders are of different kinds, and can cause severe pain and discomfort. A person might suffer from pain in the L3-L4, or L4-L5 in the lumbar spine vertebrae due to multiple reasons such as bone diseases and joint disorders or injuries. L1 to L5 are the five … Read more

Bone And Joint Day: Osteoporosis, Osteomyelitis, Lupus, Bursitis – Bone And Joint Diseases

[ad_1] Bone and joint day: Bone diseases usually begin after 20 years of age because bone loss is faster than the creation of new bones. These diseases are characterised by weak bones due to low mineral density, easily breakable bones, or infection in the bones. Consumption of a diet that consists of sufficient calcium and … Read more

Surge In Viral Conjunctivitis Cases: Unraveling Causes, Prevention, And Management In Mumbai

[ad_1] Dr T S Sujatha Conjunctivitis surge: Over the past 15 days, Mumbai has been grappling with a significant upsurge in cases of conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye. The city’s major government and private hospitals are reporting an alarming threefold increase in daily cases, surpassing the usual patient influx by a considerable margin. … Read more

How Can Men Maintain Optimal Health? Here Are Five Time-Tested Hacks

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