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what is Sore throat ? Treatment, Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms & more

what is Sore throat? Overview Sore throat is marked by pain, itchiness, or irritation of the Sore throat, which is usually caused by a plague however also can be caused by a bacterium. Moreover, environmental factors like pollutants, smoking & seasonal or food allergies also can cause pharyngitis. A painful …

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What is Anxiety

What is Anxiety?   Overview Anxiety disorders are the foremost common sort of psychological state condition. consistent to a survey in 2017, 44.9 million Indians were calculable to be littered with anxiety disorders. psychological disorder is double as doubtless to have an effect on females than males. It is traditional …

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what is allergy

Allergic conditions Overview Allergies area unit caused once the body’s system responds abnormally to an associate degree external trigger called associate degree ‘allergen’. These allergens are unit gifts in the environment, however, don’t sometimes incite associate degree immune reactions in people. whereas in some individuals, the body’s system generates antibodies …

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