Know Treatment And Preventive Measures For Foot Fracture Cases During Monsoon

[ad_1] New Delhi: During the monsoon, there has been a rise in foot and ankle pain cases. This increase can be attributed to factors such as potholes, deteriorating road conditions, and inappropriate footwear. The number of foot sprain complaints specifically caused by potholes has noticeably surged on rainy days. In the outpatient department (OPD) of … Read more

Uzbekistan Alleges Indian Cough Syrup Behind 65 Child Deaths Entered Market Through Bribery

  Uzbekistan prosecutors have alleged in court that distributors of the Indian cough syrup, which killed 65 children in the country, paid local health officials a bribe of $33,000 to do away with mandatory testing, Reuters reported. The cough syrups were produced by the Indian firm Marion Biotech. In Uzbekistan, 21 people have been put … Read more

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes? Know What Makes Sugar The Villain

[ad_1] A person disgnosed with diabetes is often referred to (especially in India) as someone who has ‘sugar’, or ‘sugar ki bimari’. This likely stems from the connection between diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels. Often, out of fear that eating sweetmeats may give them diabetes, even healthy and non-diabetic people too prefer to give … Read more

WHO To Hold First-Of-Its-Kind Global Summit On Traditional Medicines In Gujarat On Aug 17-18

[ad_1] The World Health Organization (WHO) will organise a first-of-its-kind global summit on traditional medicines in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar on August 17-18, which will serve as a platform for experts to delve into the latest scientific advancements and evidence-based knowledge in the sector with the ultimate goal being health for all. The summit set to take … Read more

Antibiotic Resistance, Disease X, Flu: How India Is Gearing Up To Tackle Next Likely Pandemic

[ad_1] Arboviruses, multi-drug resistant bacteria, Nipah, Marburg virus and the dreaded “Disease X” — one among them may cause the next Covid-like pandemic if the World Health Organization (WHO) is to be believed. A silent pandemic is also knocking on our doors — antibiotic resistance. As India celebrates its 77th Independence Day, with a firm … Read more

Why Small Cell Lung Cancers Grow Faster Than Non-Small Cell Cancers, But Are Less Common

[ad_1] Lung cancer: Welcome back to “The Science Of Health”, ABP Live’s weekly health column. Last week, we discussed the scientific reasons behind hormonal changes exacerbating asthma symptoms in women, and ways to prevent the worsening of conditions. This week, explain the difference between small cell lung cancers and non-small cell lung cancers, understand why … Read more

Redcliffe Labs Looking At Expanding Operations, Aims To Go Public In 2025-26: CEO Dheeraj Jain

[ad_1] Diagnostics service provider Redcliffe Labs is planning to expand it’s operations by adding 250 laboratories and 10,000 collection centres by 2025, the company’s founder and managing director Dheeraj Jain stated on Sunday.  According to a PTI report, the company currently has 81 laboratories and more than 2,000 collection centres in small cities and towns. … Read more

World Organ Donation Day: Intestinal, Face, Uterus Donation – Lesser Known Organ Transplants

[ad_1] By Dr Tanmay Pandya Organ transplantation has revolutionised modern medicine, giving countless individuals a second chance at life. The transplantation of organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, and lungs has become commonplace, saving thousands of lives each year. However, beneath the well-known and celebrated transplants lie a realm of lesser-known organ transplants that … Read more

World Organ Donation Day: Can Living Donors Donate Parts Of Heart, Lung, Liver, Or Pancreas?

[ad_1] Organ donation is a social welfare act through which living or deceased donors can donate their organs to people who are in need of those organs due to illness. Only healthy organs and tissues from the donor are transplanted into the receiver. Organs that can be donated by deceased people include internal organs such … Read more

World Organ Donation Day 2023: Myths Related To Organ Donation Debunked By Experts

[ad_1] Every year, World Organ Donation Day is celebrated on August 13. Organ Donation is the process of donating organs or biological tissues to a living recipient whose organs have failed. The common transplants include the heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, lungs, intestine, cornea, bone marrow, and skin. Organ Donation in India is governed by the … Read more