Migraine and headache

Migraine and headache Acupuncture  In this ancient Chinese follow, AN skilled puts little needles into your body at specific points. tiny studies counsel it will ease sick headache pain and will conjointly lower the number of headaches. you ought to still carry on along with your different treatments, too. Acupuncture can help reduce migraine and … Read more

Natural foods for immunity boosting

Natural foods for immunity boosting Let’s look at some of the best immunity-boosting foods. Watermelon Immunity boosting Foods – Watermelon It’s not solely refreshing once it’s ripe, however, it’s packed with an associate inhibitor known as glutathione. It strengthens the system. to induce the foremost glutathione within the watermelon, one should eat the red nonwoody … Read more

Myths and Facts concerning ED

Myths and Facts concerning ED There’s a ton of info concerning the causes and coverings of ED (ED). to understand the facts, you’ll bust some myths on the means. Erectile Dysfunction and Age Myth:  impotence may be a traditional part of growing older and men got to learn to measure it. Fact:  though impotence is … Read more

Natural ways to boost testosterone

Add Zinc to Your Meals Onions and garlic area unit your allies within the room and within the bedchamber. they’ll assist you in creating additional and higher spermatozoan. Each raises internal secretion levels that trigger your body to create androgen. And each has high levels of natural plant chemicals known as flavonoids, which can safeguard … Read more

Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein   1 – How Important Do You Need?   You should get a minimum of 10 of your quotidian calories from protein. (For a target of grams, multiply your weight in pounds by0.36.) And you want it from a variety of sources throughout the day A 6-ounce vessel of … Read more

Foods With Further Protein Than an Egg

  Foods With Further Protein Than an Egg 1- Chickpeas   With about 6 grams of protein all, eggs are an excellent source of this vital nutrient. But lots of other foods offer as important or more. For illustration, chickpeas ( also known as garbanzo sap) give nearly 8 grams of protein per1/2 mug. People … Read more

what to eat to increase immunity-boosting foods

immunity booster foods Consuming certain foods to increase immunity gives a lot of benefits. If you have frequent colds, fever, watery nose, allergies, etc., then in that case the immunity of your body is weak. In the ongoing Corona epidemic, those people whose immunity is weak are facing more problems. Those whose immunity is strong, … Read more

What is a coronavirus, its prevention and treatment

 What is coronavirus its prevention and treatment?   Coronavirus disease (Covid 19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus named Coronavirus. What is coronavirus?   Coronavirus is a type of common virus that spreads infection in the nose, sinus, and upper throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. Many people got infected with the … Read more

Yoga to increase immunity. Benefits of Yoga in Corona

Yoga to increase immunity Benefits of Yoga in Corona   Immunity means immunity. We know that immunity is very much needed to fight any disease. Without this, your body keeps suffering from some disease again and again. Friends, in today’s hectic life, it has become a common thing to have problems with tension, insomnia, bad … Read more