World Breastfeeding Week: The Link Between Breastfeeding And Breast Cancer, And Health Benefits

[ad_1] By Dr Tejal Deshmukh Breastfeeding is a natural and cherished bond between a mother and her newborn, and has long been recognised for its nutritional and emotional benefits for infants. However, recent research has unveiled a hidden gem within this maternal act – a potential shield against one of the most prevalent and feared … Read more

AI-Supported Mammography Is As Good As Two Breast Radiologists Working Together: Lancet Study

[ad_1] Artificial intelligence (AI)-supported mammography analysis is as good as two breast radiologists working together, and halves the screen-reading workload, according to a new study. As part of the research, a safety analysis of a randomised controlled trial involving more than 80,000 Swedish women was conducted. The study, published August 2 in The Lancet Oncology … Read more