World Preeclampsia Day: Biomarkers, Antioxidants – Science Advances That Can Lead To A Cure

[ad_1] Preeclampsia, a serious medical condition in which a woman, after her 20th week of pregnancy, has high blood pressure, exhibits signs of liver or kidney damage, has high levels of protein in urine, or shows other signs of organ damage, has no cure, and can be treated either through preterm delivery, or by managing … Read more

World Preeclampsia Day: How The Hypertensive Disease Affects Foetuses And Newborn Babies

[ad_1] World Preeclampsia Day is observed every year on May 22 to raise awareness about preeclampsia, a severe and dangerous pregnancy complication. The theme for World Preeclampsia Day this year is “Act Early! Screen Early!”, according to the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants.  Preeclampsia is a serious hypertensive condition in which a … Read more

World Preeclampsia Day: Why The World Must Unite To Combat Preeclampsia

[ad_1] By Dr Reema Bhatt World Preeclampsia Day: Every year, May 22 is observed as World Preeclampsia Day (WPD) globally. The month of May marks Preeclampsia Awareness Month, an entire month dedicated to spreading awareness about the perilous hypertensive disorder known as preeclampsia during pregnancy. This communication campaign aims to promote understanding and knowledge surrounding … Read more

The Science Of Health: What Is Preeclampsia, Why It Occurs, & How Pregnant Women Can Prevent It

[ad_1] The Science Of Health: Welcome back to “The Science Of Health“, ABP Live’s weekly health column. Last week, we discussed how the new reference genome, which represents more diversity, will help understand the link between genes and health. This week, we will discuss what preeclampsia is, the risk factors for the condition, and how … Read more