The Science Of Health: The Link Between Abnormal Fingerprints And Schizophrenia

[ad_1] The Science Of Health: Welcome back to “The Science Of Health”, ABP Live’s weekly health column. Last week, we discussed which diseases women are more prone to than men, and why, and what experts say. This week, we discuss why some schizophrenia patients have abnormal fingerprints, and how this can be used to predict … Read more

World Schizophrenia Day: Hidden Signs To Diagnose Schizophrenia In Patients Who Are Unaware

[ad_1] Schizophrenia is a serious mental health disease beyond hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders and movement disorders. Often, a schizophrenic is not aware that they are suffering from the condition because no hallmark symptoms are visible.  When a patient is not aware that they suffer from a particular disorder or psychiatric deficit, they are said to … Read more

World Schizophrenia Day: Schizophrenia Is Beyond Hallucinations And Delusions. Know Its Unusual

[ad_1] Schizophrenia is a chronic mental health disorder which causes psychosis, affects how a person thinks, feels, behaves, and expresses emotions, and makes them interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenics often lose touch with reality due to their disordered thinking, which disables them from performing normal activities.  Schizophrenia is usually associated with hallucinations and delusions, but the … Read more

World Schizophrenia Day: How The World Can Help People With Schizophrenia, & Abolish The Stigma

[ad_1] By Dr Debanjan Banerjee “It’s only in the mysterious equation of love, that logical reasons can be found.” (Russell Crowe as ‘John Nash’, BEAUTIFUL MIND, 2001) This landmark movie on a severe mental disorder has made us believe that mental problems can be treated with love, support and social effort. The protagonist John Nash … Read more