‘Superagers’, Or Older Adults With Razor-Sharp Memory, Have Lower Depression Rates: Study

[ad_1] Superagers, or adults in their eighties with razor-sharp memory, have lower rates of depression and anxiety. These adults, who recall everyday events and life experiences with the same accuracy as someone aged 20 to 30 years younger to them, show faster movement speed than other older adults, according to a study published July 14 … Read more

Men’s Mental Morbidity Is Over 6% Higher Than That In Women, 3 Out Of 4 Suicides Are In Males

[ad_1] Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month: Men and women suffer from mental health problems alike, but the issues faced by males are often overlooked due to certain stereotypes set by society. Men are often taught not to openly express their emotions and feelings because it is considered “a sign of weakness” by many. About 40 … Read more

How Covid-19 Triggered Or Worsened OCD In Children And Youngsters

[ad_1] New Delhi: Covid–19, which started towards the end of 2019, completely changed the lives of people in multiple ways. Besides claiming millions of lives, the pandemic also presented a huge challenge to public health. Besides everything, the mental health of people was also affected heavily. One of the issues under mental health is obsessive-compulsive … Read more