Health Myths And Facts: Is It Safe To Consume Fish During Monsoons? See What Experts Say

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New Delhi: We all love having seafood!  While many of us may eat seafood for its nutritional value, others may eat it because of the taste it has. And what to say for the love of fish?  It is beyond expressions, irrespective of their form. Nothing is more wholesome and satiating than a fish delicacy, from its tantalizing flavour to its lovely texture. Without a doubt, including fish in your diet daily will greatly improve your health. Since fish is full of protein, healthy fats, calcium, selenium, and vitamin B12, they are excellent for your heart, bone and brain health. Although, there are many reasons to consume it but seafood consumption during the monsoon is not suggested.  

In this regard, ABP Live took the opinions of experts who explained the reason behind it.

Dr Soumita Biswas, Chief Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital said, “During the monsoon, it is the breeding season for fish, and the chances of water pollution also increase significantly. As a result, the water becomes contaminated due to the presence of pathogens and bacteria. Fish often rely on sewage for breeding and they get infected as a result. Since their bodies contain a large amount of contaminated water and sewage due to the breeding and eggs present, consuming these fish can transmit the contamination to the human body, leading to gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea and vomiting.”

“During monsoon, most fishes survive mostly in sewage and murky water. As a result, majority of the water and sewage in their body is contaminated. Long term exposure to the contaminated water in their lung area could cause their body to decompose. Preservatives and sprays containing various hazardous ingredients are used to extend the lifespan of fish meat. They are thereby maintained in frozen form as the freshness has been lost. Because of this, eating fish during monsoon is generally not a wise decision,” added RD Rizwana Sayyed, Registered Dietician, PGD Dietetics, PGD Nutrition & Food Tech, Apollo Clinic, Viman Nagar.

Talking about the preservation of sea food during this period, Nutritionist Harleen Gill said, “The majority of the seafood during this period is preserved and not fresh. Preserving it for more days will simply decompose it. Moreover, excess preservatives used to increase the life duration of fish make them more poisonous. Because of this, eating fish is an awful idea during monsoon.”  

“If you are that eager to eat seafood, prawns are a relatively safer option. But if you are a fish lover, you can put a hold on your love for a few days and can get back to your love post-monsoon,” she further added. 

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