Molulife 200 Capsule use. Benefits in Corona in

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Molulife 200 Capsule use Benefits and dosage in Corona.


Molulife Capsule 200 is an antiviral drug. It prevents the replication of RNA viruses. This medicine is given to cure a patient suffering from SARS-Covod 19.


Molulife capsule 200 contains the drug Molnupiravir.

Molnupiravir is a synthetic nucleoside prodrug that is a derivative of N 4-Hydroxycytidine. It is an antiviral that stops the replication of RNA.

Composition- Molnupiravir 200mg

Manufactured by Mankind Pharma

Marketed by Mankind Pharma

Price- ₹ 35/- Tablet

Use and benefits of Molulife 200 Capsule-


This medicine  ( molulife capsules ) is mainly used in mild-to-moderate coronavirus disease. When a patient tests for SARS-CoV-19 and the result comes positive, then in that case this medicine is given for 2 weeks.

Side Effects-

Generally, this medicine does not have side effects. But some side effects are seen in Phase 3 –





Pregnancy – 

If a woman is pregnant and is covid positive, then she should not give this medicine. As of now, no study related to this medicine is available that how safe this medicine is. Giving this medicine can put the unborn baby at risk.

According to animal studies, this drug can harm the mother.

Breastfeeding –

This medicine should also not be given while breastfeeding. Because milk will go into the body of the newborn and will become harmful to the baby.

Under 18 (Below 18 Years)-

Not to be given to a person below 18 years of age. This medicine can inhibit the growth of bone and cartilage. That is why this medicine should always be given to people above 18 years of age.


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Dose of Molulife Capsule 200 –

Its dosage is given up to 1600 mg in 24 hours. That is, a corona patient has to give 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening for 5 days in a whole day.

Missed dose (in case of missed dose)-

Always take the medicine on time. If for any reason you have forgotten to take the medicine, take it as soon as you remember. If it is time for the second dose, then take the dose as per your schedule. Never take two doses together. Otherwise, it will have side effects.

Overdose –

If you have accidentally taken an overdose, contact your doctor immediately.


How does Molulife Capsule work?-

It contains the drug Molnupiravir which is an anti-viral drug.

It stops the reproduction of covid 19 virus. The RNA virus found in the Covid 19 virus is unable to make its own copy. Due to this, the growth of the virus stops, and the patient gets cured.

How to keep Molulife capsule 200 ?-


•  Always keep away from children and animals.

•  Always keep it at room temperature (25°C).

•  Should be kept away from moisture and sunlight.

•  Always keep in a dry and cool place.


Question-  Can pregnant women take this medicine?

Answer – No, pregnant women cannot take this medicine. Taking it can harm both the mother and the child.

Question – Can a lactating woman take this medicine?

Answer – No, this medicine cannot be taken by lactating women. Taking this medicine may cause problems for the baby.

Question – For how many days this medicine can be taken?

Answer –  A patient suffering from Covid 19 can take this medicine for 5 days.

Question – How many milligrams is the dosage of this medicine in a day?

Answer – The dosage of this medicine is 1600mg in a day.

Question – Can patients below 18 years take this medicine?

Answer – No, this medicine cannot be taken by patients below 18 years of age. Taking this can cause problems in the development of bones and cartilage.



Disclaimer – This article’s information is not meant to be taken as health or medical advice; rather, it is meant for educational and informational reasons only. If you have any concerns about a health objective or a medical issue, always consult with a doctor or other trained health expert.

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