Faridabad Doctors Remove Musk Melon-Sized Tumour From Nigerian Woman’s Neck


A 27-year-old woman from Nigeria was successfully operated for her neck tumour, as big as a musk-melon in size at Haryana’s Faridabad. The tumour, which obstructed the patient’s ability to breathe, speak, and swallow was removed in an 11-hour surgery. The woman was dealing with the tumour since 2019 and had already undergone two unsuccessful surgical attempts in her own country. The tumour gradually increased in size compressing her windpipe, necessitating the insertion of a breathing tube into her throat.

The woman has been suffering from a rare genetic disorder called plexiform neurofibromas which is characterised by the development of tumours along the nerves in various parts of the body. These tumours, known as neurofibromas usually grow to a size of only 5-6 cm. But the woman’s tumour, however, was 16 centimetres in size. 

Though benign, they are at significant risk of turning malignant if left untreated.

“She was experiencing significant physical, social, and emotional challenges. She had difficulties in breathing and swallowing, as well as limited mobility in her neck. She struggled immensely to walk, and the simplest daily tasks seemed like insurmountable obstacles to her,” said the Faridabad’s Amrita Hospital, which carried out the operation. 

“The surgery was done in stages to completely remove the tumour and ensure the safety of important structures. Our team of interventional radiologists performed a crucial brain circulation test to determine if sacrificing blood vessels would be hazardous if it became necessary. Our neurosurgery team successfully addressed the tumour in the spine and ensured spine stabilisation,” said Subramania Iyer, HOD, Head & Neck Surgery, Amrita Hospital. 

“I had lost all hope after undergoing two unsuccessful surgeries in Nigeria, and the tumour kept growing. I am extremely relieved and happy with the outcome of the procedure, as I now resemble my former self once again,” the woman said. 

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