Govt Eases Covid-19 Rules For International Passengers, Drops Random RT-PCR Tests On Arrival

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The Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has eased Covid guidelines for international passengers as the country witnesses a major dip in cases and announced that the requirement to conduct RT-PCR tests on a random 2 per cent of the passengers has been dropped.

The Union Health Ministry in its release said, “Taking note of the prevalent COVID-19 situation and the significant achievements made in COVID-19 vaccination coverage across the globe, the Union Health Ministry has further eased guidelines for international travellers in the context of COVID-19. Vide these new guidelines, which shall come into effect from 0000 Hrs (IST) of 20% July 2023 the earlier requirements for RT-PCR based testing of a random 2% subset of international travellers to India, now stand dropped.”

The release then added, “However, the earlier advice for precautionary measures to be followed in the context of COVID-19 by airlines as well as international travellers shall continue to apply.” 


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