Child In Alwar Suffers From Severe Tremors Because Of Addiction To Online Games


A child in Alwar is suffering from severe tremors because he is addicted to online games, and has lost his mental balance. He has been sent to a special school, news agency ANI reported. Special education teacher Bhavani Sharma said that the child had been playing games like PUBG and Free Fire, and became so lost in the games that he was unable to tolerate losing those games, according to ANI.

“As per our assessment and the statements of his relatives, he is a victim of games like Free Fire. The child lost in the game. The game is such that if a player loses, they are unable to tolerate it. They either die by suicide or lose their mental balance. This child too has lost his mental balance. We have prepared a format of sports activities for the child and as per that we have to help the child win all of them so that he overcomes the fear of loss and remembers his victory,” Sharma was quoted as saying by ANI.

What is gaming disorder?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), gaming disorder is a pattern of digital-gaming or video-gaming behaviour characterised by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to such an extent that the person loses interest in other tasks, and continuation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative outcomes.

If one’s behaviour pattern significantly affects personal, family, social, educational, occupational and other important areas of functioning, the person is diagnosed with gaming disorder. 

Other signs and symptoms include decreased productivity, poor performance in studies, anxiety and irritability. 

A person suffering from this disorder feels sad when they do not play. 

Online gaming addiction can also increase aggression.

The WHO suggests that people who play video games should be careful about the amount of time they spend gaming in order to ensure that their health and social functioning are not affected.

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