Hereditary Kidney Cancers: Understanding Genetic Risk And Management Strategies

[ad_1] By Dr Moushumi Suryavanshi Kidney cancer can occur sporadically, but in around eight to 12 per cent of cases, it has a hereditary component. Hereditary kidney cancers are caused by specific genetic mutations or alterations inherited from one or both parents. These genetic mutations increase an individual’s susceptibility to developing kidney cancer. These mutations … Read more

Kidney Cancer Prevention And Management Of Renal Cancer: Strategies For A Healthier Future

[ad_1] By Dr Manav Suryavanshi Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) accounts for two to three per cent of all adult malignant neoplasms and is the most lethal of the common urologic cancers. It occurs within the age range of 55 to 75 years. The incidence of RCC has increased due to the routine use of ultrasonography. … Read more