World Brain Tumour Day: Understanding Symptoms, Diagnosis And Prognosis Of Brain Tumour

[ad_1] By Dr Mazda Turel Brain tumours are abnormal cell growths within the brain that can be either benign or malignant. While they are relatively rare, accounting for one to two per cent of all cancers worldwide, they can have a significant impact on individuals and communities. It is crucial to raise awareness about brain … Read more

World Brain Tumour Day: Identifying Hallmark Symptoms To Seek Timely Medical Help

[ad_1] By Dr Sreehari N. R Brain tumours possess a unique nature as they rarely spread to other parts of the body. Instead, they can generate secondary tumours within the brain itself. This distinct characteristic gives rise to specific symptoms that vary in intensity and duration based on the tumour’s size and location. In this … Read more

World Brain Tumour Day 2023: Know The Early Signs Of Brain Tumour Among Youngsters

[ad_1] New Delhi: World Brain Tumour Day, celebrated on June 8, is dedicated to raising awareness about brain tumours and supporting those who are affected by this challenging condition. A lump or collection of aberrant brain cells is known as a brain tumour. Your brain is housed inside a highly stiff skull. Any growth within such … Read more