Scientists Create Synthetic Embryos Using Stem Cells, Without Sperm Or Egg: Report

[ad_1] Stem cell research is advancing, and has made it possible to create synthetic embryos without a sperm or an egg. Researchers recently used stem cells to create synthetic embryos, without a sperm or an egg, The Guardian reported. The model embryos resemble natural embryos in the earliest stages of human development.¬† According to a … Read more

The Science Of Health: How Stem Cell Transplant For Blood Cancers And Disorders Is Performed

[ad_1] The Science Of Health: Welcome back to “The Science Of Health”, ABP Live’s weekly health column. Last week, we discussed why some schizophrenia patients have abnormal fingerprints, and how this can be used to predict the neurodegenerative disease, and as a diagnostic marker. This week, we discuss what stem cells are, how stem cell … Read more