Seven ‘Contaminated’ India-Manufactured Cough Syrups Are Under WHO Scanner. Here’s The List

[ad_1] In the last seven months, seven India-manufactured cough syrups have come under the scanner of the World Health Organization (WHO) because of being contaminated with diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol. As a result, the syrups have been classified as ‘substandard’. Medical products that fail to meet their quality standards or specifications are called substandard, … Read more

about Urofit Syrup and Its Benefits

Urofit Syrup: What You Need to Know There are three ingredients in Urofit syrup. Magnesium citrate. potassium citrate and Pyridoxine. This medicine is used to prevent kidney stones. Along with breaking down crystals in the kidney, it also prevents their formation.   This medication is used for Renal tubular acidosis (accumulation of acid in the … Read more