Can AI Predict Heart Disease Through Eye Scans? Google Claims Its New Algorithm Will Be Able To


Google at its recent ‘The Check Up by Google Health’ event revealed that the tech giant’s AI algorithm is now able to detect and predict cardiovascular diseases, simply with the help of eye scans. This is a notable innovation, particularly because it could lead to new discoveries in the health tech industries. It signifies that soon, AI will be able to diagnose more precisely from the traditional diagnostic methods.

It all started with the new Health AI project, ARDA, whose true aim is to focus on diabetic retinopathy. It was only devoted to building a self-operating tool that specialises in finding out the causes of blindness around the world.  

With the retinal images of an individual, they planned on making an AI algorithm which can analyse retinal images to detect and diagnose conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. These algorithms can help identify early signs of diseases, enabling timely intervention and treatment.

The eye is the most significant part of the body, whose interior walls can show a person’s overall health. AI can aid in the identification and classification of various eye diseases based on images captured by retinal cameras or other imaging devices. It can help ophthalmologists in making accurate diagnoses and suggesting appropriate treatment plans.

Earlier this year, Google noticed that their AI model has other capabilities of predicting a person’s health conditions just based on the retinal images of the person. A person’s heart condition and smoking status all can be now predicted by AI, which can lead to a more precise treatment compared to trained human diagnostics.

AI can assist ophthalmic surgeons by providing real-time guidance during procedures. It can help track eye movements, aid in precise incisions, and enhance surgical accuracy, particularly in complex surgeries like cataract removal or corneal transplants.

This new development is nothing but a great shift in the technology development which will not only make the work of a doctor easier but will also be able to help a person in need. AI is rapidly evolving and with that new finding in the field of research more possibilities open for the future. It has the potential to revolutionise the healthcare industry by improving diagnostics, treatment planning, patient care, and administrative processes.

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