Sri Lankan Doctors Remove World’s Largest Kidney Stone, Create Guinness World Record


A group of doctors in Sri Lanka have removed the world’s largest kidney stone and created a Guinness World Record for themselves. The previous record was registered in the name of Indian doctors after they had performed a surgery in 2004. The stone, removed by Sri Lankan Army doctors early this month at the Colombo Army Hospital, measured 13.372 centimetres long and weighed 801 grams, said the army in a statement on Tuesday, as reported by PTI.

According to the existing Guinness World Records, the erstwhile largest kidney stone in the world, around 13 centimetres, was found in India in 2004, while the heaviest kidney stone, weighing 620 grams, was reported in Pakistan in 2008.

“The largest kidney stone is 13.372 cm (5.264 in), and was removed from Canistus Coonghe (Sri Lanka) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 1 June 2023,” confirmed Guinness World Record on its website.  It also said that the previous record of 13 cm (5.11 in) had not been surpassed since 2004.

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Consultant Urologist Lieutenant Colonel (Dr) K. Sutharshan, Head of Genito Urinary Unit at the hospital, led the surgery together with Captain (Dr) W.P.S.C Pathirathna and Dr Thamasha Premathilaka.

Colonel (Dr) U.A.L.D Perera and Colonel (Dr) C.S Abeysinghe also contributed during the surgery as Consultant Anaesthetists, the Sri Lanka Army said in its statement.

Along with holding the record of removing the world’s largest kidney stone, which is now broken, Indian doctors also hold Guinness World Record for removing the most number of kidney stones.

The most kidney stones removed from a patient is 172,155, which were removed from Dhanraj Wadile by Dr Ashish Rawandale at the Institute of Urology, Dhule, Maharastra, India on 8 December 2009, the GWR said on its website.

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