Enhanced Protection, Lower Costs: Discover The Benefits Of Super Top-Up In Health Insurance


Unexpected medical emergencies can occur regardless of your precautions or efforts to maintain good health. It’s highly probable that you will encounter a health crisis at some stage in your life. However, with a health insurance policy, you can rest assured that the exorbitant expenses associated with receiving excellent medical care will be taken care of. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right medical insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen and anticipated medical costs. Don’t let hefty bills deplete your savings or create a financial crisis. Gain control and security over your healthcare expenses by getting insured with a suitable health insurance plan.

Enhance your health coverage with TATA AIG’s MediCare Plus! This affordable super top-up health insurance offers additional benefits beyond regular health insurance. When your base policy’s claims are exhausted, MediCare Plus provides continued coverage. What sets it apart is the option of aggregate deductibles. Unlike base health insurance, which applies a deductible to each claim, MediCare Plus considers the total of all claims made in a policy year, surpassing the deductible amount.¬†

By opting for MediCare Plus, you can enjoy remarkable benefits:

  1. Health Cover: Super top-up health insurance policy takes care of the cost of various healthcare treatments without sub-limits, unless specified in your policy documents.
  2. Cashless Claims: Benefit from cashless claims at over 7,200 network hospitals within the TATA AIG network.
  3. Age No Bar: Offering lifelong renewals for MediCare Plus, ensuring coverage even in your senior years.
  4. Consumables Benefit: Coverage includes the cost of consumables directly related to covered treatments during hospitalization.

Let’s consider an example to understand how super top-up health insurance works. Mr Ramesh has a base health insurance policy with a sum insured of INR 5 lakhs. After being admitted to the hospital due to an accident, his total hospitalization expenses amounted to INR 7 lakhs. His base policy covers INR 5 lakhs, leaving him responsible for the remaining INR 2 lakhs. However, if Mr Ramesh has a super top-up health policy with a cover of INR 10 lakhs, the policy will cover the balance amount of INR 2 lakhs.

Super top-up health insurance plans can also be used independently. Suppose Mr Ramesh pays the pending amount of INR 2 lakhs from his own pocket in the above example. Throughout the year, he faces additional health issues and makes claims against his policy. If his top-up plan offers coverage of INR 10 lakhs with a deductible of INR 2 lakhs, here’s how it helps him:

The first claim he makes against the super top-up policy is for INR 4 lakhs. He pays the deductible of INR 2 lakhs, and the policy covers the remaining amount.

The next claim is for INR 3 lakhs, for which he doesn’t have to pay any deductible, and the full amount is settled by the insurance provider.

Finally, Mr Ramesh makes another claim for INR 2 lakhs, and once again, he doesn’t have to pay any deductible, with the full amount provided by the insurance provider.

Why choose TATA AIG’s Super Top Up Health Insurance?

Paying premiums for a single health insurance policy may seem sufficient, and investing in additional cover through a super top-up plan may appear unnecessary. However, life is unpredictable, and rising medical costs can quickly deplete savings. Here are the advantages of TATA AIG’s MediCare Plus Health Insurance:

  1. Lower Premiums for Higher Coverage
  2. Round-the-Clock Assistance
  3. Paperless Policies
  4. The TATA Promise
  5. Safe and Secure
  6. High Claim Settlement Ratio
  7. Wide-Reaching Network

For more details, please visit: [TATA AIG MediCare Plus]

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