12 Tips for Better Sex

12 Tips for Better Sex

Why a Good coitus Life Is Healthy

coitus is not just delightful. It’s good for you too. Every orgasm releases a flood tide of the hormone oxytocin, which improves your mood. Regular rolls in the hay could ameliorate your heart health, reduce stress and depression, ameliorate your tone- of regard, and help you sleep better. Snuggling together underneath the waste also makes you feel closer to your mate and enhances your sense of closeness.


Communicate With Your Partner

Couples who talk to each other about their wants and solicitations have better coitus and a healthier relationship, exploration finds. Tell your mate what you like and do not like. Partake of your most intimate fantasies and desires. However, write them down in a story or a journal entry for your mate to read, If you are too backward to say those private studies out loud.

Try Commodity Different

Spice up your coitus life by stretching your boundaries as a couple. Play around with foreplay. Touch each other in new ways. Try out different coitus positions to see which bones
feel stylish. Dress up in costumes and play as characters( nanny – croaker, cowhands). Move from the bed to the bottom, the restroom, or the kitchen counter. Watch a dirty movie together. Bring coitus toys like a vibrator, anal globules, or feathers into the blend.

Schedule Time for closeness


No matter how important you want coitus, your busy schedule can get in the way. So pencil sexy time into your timetable, just like you would other essential dates. also, you will be less likely to skip it. Setting a date gives you time to prepare and a commodity to look forward to. Book coitus as frequently as is realistic– whether it’s formerly a week or every other day. Choose times when you know you will not be tired or distracted.

You Can Best Medicine for Longer Sex Duration


Working out boosts stamina in bed and puts you in the mood. Exercise also creates a more toned body, which improves tone- regard and makes you feel sexier. It’s not clear how important activity you need to ameliorate your coitus life. Start with the standard recommendations– 150 twinkles of aerobic exertion and two days of strength training a week.


Take Your Time

No matter how busy you are, coitus is one part of your day that you should not rush. Do not scrimp on the foreplay. Those redundant twinkles that you spend touching and kissing each other help get you aroused and make coitus more enjoyable. When you decelerate down, you also get further time to spend with your mate. That is good for your relationship overall.


Use Lubrication

Women’s bodies naturally make their own lubricant, but occasionally it’s in short force. Hormonal changes around the time of menopause can beget vaginal blankness that makes for painful coitus. A water-grounded lubricant is safest to use with condoms. But, silicone-grounded lubes are less prickly for anal coitus.

Be tender

Not every romantic hassle has to end in coitus. You and your mate can find pleasure in numerous other ways. Take a bath together or give each other a voluptuous massage. Have a hot make- eschewal session on the settee. Bring each other to orgasm through masturbation. Educate each other on how you like to be touched. Or just snuggle.


coitus is a potent stress reliever, but it’s hard to get in the mood when you are all reconciled up. After a tough day, do commodity calming together to relax you? hear soft music. Exercise relaxation exercises similar to deep breathing or contemplation. exploration shows that awareness contemplation helps women get further in tune with their bodies during coitus.

Do Kegels


Kegels strengthen the pelvic bottom muscles that support your bladder. They also relax the vagina to make coitus more comfortable, ameliorate blood inflow down there, and make it easier to reach orgasm. To do these simple exercises, just strain and relax the muscles you use to hold your pee. And they are not just for women. Men who exercise Kegel exercises have better constructions and further violent orgasms.
Plan an Overnight Getaway

occasionally all you need to arouse up your coitus life is a change of decor. Take a trip together. You do not have to go far, but certain settings– like the ocean or mountains– are ideal for rejuvenating love. Turn off your cell phones and concentrate on each other. For a redundant spark, pretend that you’ve just started dating– or that you are nonnatives who’ve met up for an interdicted appointment.

See Your Croaker

occasionally the result of more coitus is in your drug casket. Some medicines, similar to antidepressants and blood pressure drugs, can reduce your desire. The problem could also be a medical condition like a heart complaint, vaginal blankness, multiple sclerosis, or depression. record a check-up to find out whether a health issue might be affecting your coitus life. Be honest with your croaker
about the problem, so you can find the right answer.

Talk to a coitus Therapist

A coitus therapist is a person to see if the commodity is bothering you in the bedroom. Therapists are certified psychologists or social workers who can address problems similar to a lack of desire, trouble getting construction, or problems reaching orgasm. You can meet with a therapist alone or together with your mate.



Disclaimer – This article’s information is not meant to be taken as health or medical advice; rather, it is meant for educational and informational reasons only. If you have any concerns about a health objective or a medical issue, always consult with a doctor or other trained health expert.

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