Azee 500 Tablet use and benefits

Azee 500 Tablet use and benefits


Azee 500 Tablet is an antibiotic, which is given to individuals and children against bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, ear, nose, throat, lungs, skin, and eyes. It is also given in typhoid fever and some sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea. It is a drug of the Macrolides class.

Nature – Antibiotics

Composition – Azithromycin 500mg

Manufactured by – Cipla Ltd

Marketed by – Cipla Ltd

Price – ₹ 119.50/ Strip (5 Tablet)


Azee 500 tablet


Use and benefits of Azee 500 tablet –

Mainly this drug is used in bacterial infections.

1- Community-acquired pneumonia

It is a type of pneumonia. When bacteria or similar organisms enter the air sacs and infect our lungs. Its symptoms are as follows, such as – cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Any patient who is suffering from this disease can use this medicine.

2 – In-ear infection –

It is called Otitis media in medical language. This, infection occurs in the middle of the ear. Earaches and headaches get better when you take this medicine.

3 – Tonsillitis –

For patients who have sore throat or pharyngitis, then you can give this medicine to that patient. A sore throat occurs when there is a throat infection due to any bacteria. Some such symptoms appear in this, such as – a watery nose, sore throat, and difficulty in swallowing.

4- Cat Scratch Disease –

When a cat scratches or bites its feet, bacteria called Bartonella henselae enter the body. The lymph node at the bite site becomes swollen. Giving this medicine gives relief.

5 – In case of skin infection –

This medicine is used for skin infections. It is used when there is redness on our skin due to fever, yellowish rash, etc.

6 – Acne –

It is a long-lasting disease. Acne occurs when there is a blockage in the hair follicle due to dead cells and oil. In this condition, it is cured by giving this medicine.

7 – If there is an infection in the eye –

H. Influenza, S. Aureus, and S. Pneumonia cause bacterial infections in our eyes. In this situation take this medicine.

Side effects of Azee 500 tablet –

There are many benefits of this medicine but there are some side effects as well. If any serious side effects are observed, then we should immediately contact our doctor.

Some side effects are as follows –

• Diarrhea (sometimes severe, rarely)

• Dry skin (sometimes severe, rarely)

• Abdominal pain (severe, very rare)

• Painful urination (severe, very rare)

• Vomiting (severe, rare)

• Fever (severe, very low)

• Abdominal distension (rare)

• being aggressive

• Too much gas in the stomach (very little)

• Heartburn

• Anemia

• having a headache

• Skin rash

• Liver problems

• Affecting kidney function

Common dosage of Azee 500 Tablet –

Missed dose –

If due for any reason you have forgotten to take its dose, then take the medicine as soon as you remember. If it is time for the next dose, then take the medicine as per your schedule. Never take two doses together. It will have side effects.

Overdose –

If you accidentally take too much of this medicine, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will have serious consequences.

How to take Azee 500 tablets?

• Whenever you take this medicine, take it as per your doctor’s advice.

• Always swallow at once.

• Never take it by grinding, chewing, or breaking it.

• Take it 10 minutes before a meal.

• Always take it at a fixed time.

How does the Azee 500 tablet work?

It contains Azithromycin which belongs to the macrolide antibiotic class. It inhibits the production of essential proteins present in bacteria. These are the same proteins that are necessary for the growth of bacteria.

Due to this their growth stops and also infection.

Warning –

Caution should be exercised before administering this medicine in certain situations.

1- Pregnancy –

This medicine should never be given to a pregnant woman. Give only when absolutely necessary. Never give up without your doctor’s advice.

2 – During breastfeeding –

Never give this medicine while breastfeeding. Unless absolutely necessary. Keep consulting your doctor whenever you take it.

3 – Allergies –

Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to this medicine.

4- Myasthenia Gravis –

If you take this medicine for a long time then, in a case, the neuromuscular disorder may occur. In this, the contact between our nerve cells and muscles is broken.

Do not take this medicine if you are suffering from this disease. Whenever you have to take it, take it only after consulting your doctor.

5 – Q T Prolongation –

Never take this medicine if the patient has a history of heart disease and circulatory system problems. There is an increased risk of Cardiac Arrhythmias (the circulatory system of the heart) if you take this medicine.


6 – Diarrhea –

Taking this medicine disturbs the balance of Clostridium difficile present in the large intestine. Due to this the chances of getting diarrhea increase.

If this happens, be sure to tell your doctor.

7 – In children –

This medicine should not be given to children below 16 years of age.

Substitute –

Azithral 500 tablet (Cipla)

Aziwin 500 tablet (Bal pharma)

Azelio 500 tablet

Azigold 500 tablet

Azicorn 500 tablet

Azifine 500 tablet

Azlupin 500 tablet

Azimax 500 tablet

Variants of Azee 500 tablet-

Azee 250 tablet

Azee 500 tablet

Azee 100 tablet

Azee 200 tablet

Do not take Azee 500 tablet with certain medicines –




Aluminum hydroxide / Magnesium hydroxide



How to keep Azee 500 tablets?

• Always keep it in a cool and dry place.

• Keep away from children and pets.

• Always store at room temperature (25°C).

• Do not keep in direct sunlight.

Question and Answers –

Question – Can I take this medicine for sore throat?

Answer – Yes, if the infection is caused by bacteria only then you can take this medicine.

Question – Can this medicine be given for tonsillitis?

Answer – Yes, this medicine can be given in case of tonsillitis.

Question – Will take this medicine cure fever?

Answer – We know that this medicine is a type of antibiotic. Therefore, it is used only to cure diseases caused by bacteria.

Many causes of fever are many micro-organisms like- bacteria, viral, and fungi. Therefore, this medicine is given only for fevers caused by bacteria.

Question – Can this medicine be given for acne?

Answer – Yes, the cause of acne is bacteria. That is why taking this medicine cures acne.

Question – Can I take this medicine with Paracetamol?

Answer – Yes, this medicine can be given with Paracetamol. It is completely safe.

Question – Can I take this medicine with I pill?

Answer – There is no side effect of any kind by taking it with I pill. But whenever you want to take it, you must consult your doctor.

Question – Does taking this medicine cause lethargy?

Answer – No, taking this medicine does not cause any kind of lethargy. If you feel lethargic then you must contact your doctor.

Question – Can this medicine be taken for tooth infection?

Answer – Yes, if there is any kind of bacterial infection in the tooth then you can take this medicine.

Question – Can this medicine be given for sinus infection?

Answer – Yes, this medicine can be given for sinus infections. Please consult your doctor before taking it.

Question – What should be the minimum dosage of this medicine?

Answer – This medicine should be taken once a day for at least 3 consecutive days.

Question – Does taking this medicine cause any kind of intoxication?

Answer – No, this medicine does not cause any kind of intoxication.


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